Edit Update!


Thanks for all of your fantastic support so far!

Since our last update we have been busy working on the edit as the deadline fast approaches. We’ll be chained to our computers until mid November! It’s really exciting to see the edit shaping up. Documentary writing happens in the edit and now we’re into the fun part where we get to play with moving scenes around. This stage is a lot more fun than the beginning where we had 100+ hours of interviews to watch through and transcribe!

In addition to the film itself we have been cutting more short videos. We will be releasing some of these throughout the run up to release. Very excited to be sharing these soon.

Anna and Lester


Extra Content – ‘Dutch Game Garden’

Hi everyone!

We are rolling out some new Extra Content videos. Expect regular updates with videos during the coming weeks. This short we put together is about the Dutch Game Garden in Utrecht. The building is an old bank which was donated by local council and now houses dozens of game development companies both small and large. We had an inspiring time there and are eager to pay them a visit one day again.

Anna and Lester

Editing Update

Hi everyone!

We are working hard on the final edit of the film. Here’s a pic of Anna doing just that!

Anna editing


FYI – We just added two video to our public extra content on our YouTube channel. Here Brandon Chung talks about getting an idea from paper to in-game and here Wiley Wiggins talks about Fantastic Arcade games.


Anna and Lester

Kickstarter: The Final Push

Hi World!

We’ve just launched our second Kickstarter campaign, ‘The Final Push.’ and the response has been fantastic! We had a great first day and feel we are on track. Fingers crossed!

We are really grateful for all the early support from our backers who have given the campaign the initial push it needs to succeed. Our journey so far has been a lot of hard work and we appreciate the public’s vote of confidence with what we are doing. High five to you!

Hope you like our trailer – we have been working hard on that for the past few months. We have met so many amazing, creative people on our journey – hopefully they’ve inspired you as much as they have inspired us. Some of our crew have been so excited by the indie scene that they have left filmmaking to make games.

We’ve just added a video about the Dutch Game Garden to our youtube page. We visited Utrecht last year where we filmed the Vlambeer team, as well as a few DGG events. It’s such a cool space. Hope you like the video!

Apologies for our awkward camera presence after the trailer – we are much better behind it! Hopefully you didn’t watch long enough to see us. Cringe!

And finally, it will help us immensely if you spread the word about our Kickstarter. Tweet about us, Facebook or send someone a singing telegram! We recommend this one if you’re in the Melbourne area:

Thank you for being part of GameLoading!

Anna and Lester

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