More Screenings Ahead!

Hey everyone,

A small update today with some information about upcoming screenings, where you can see the film on the big screen! There’s also some info on how you can get involved with hosting a screening too.

We’re using the Theatre on Demand service, Gathr to market the film in the lead up to our online release mid April. We want to get GameLoading to a wider audience, who may not have heard of the film. If you’re interested in going to a screening jump online now and book you tickets to ensure the screening goes ahead.

Oak Park, Illinois – Lake Theater – April 22, 7.00pm

South Hadley, Massachusetts -Tower Theaters – March 31, 7.30pm

Portland, Oregon – Clinton Street Theatre – April 6, 7.30pm

You can buy tickets from the Gathr link on our website. You can also host your own screening via this link.

There are also some non-Gather screenings happening around the world too:

April 1 – Melbourne, Australia – 7pm Palace Kino Cinema Tickets –

April 1 – Sydney, Australia – 6:30pm Palace Chauvel Cinema. Double feature with ‘Us & The Game Industry’ Tickets –

April 4 – Seattle, US – EMP Museum, more details to come!

April 7-19 – Brussels, Belgium – Brussels International Fantastic Film Festival

April 22-25 – Berlin, Germany – A MAZE Festival


Look out for more screenings to come! And remember new ones are happening all the time. Twitter is the best place to keep up with all things GameLoading so go ahead and follow us @gameloadingtv and there’s also our Facebook.

Special thanks to Intel and Unity for sponsoring our US tour! They have been amazing and without these guys, we might have been camping out on the street, so we’re very thankful for their support.

We can’t wait to finally share the film with everyone soon!! So close!

Thanks again for your support.

Lester and Anna


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