Who are we?

StudioBento is Lester Francois and Anna Brady, two indie filmmakers from Melbourne, Australia. We’re passionate gamers, and are also fascinated by indie subcultures in music and art, so we really wanted  to examine where and how those fields intersect.

What is GameLoading?

GameLoading: Rise of the Indies is a feature-length documentary which explores the vibrant global community of indie game creators. These unique voices, of all backgrounds and nationalities, are disrupting traditional of game development, with personal, innovative experiences.
The film takes a broad snapshot of the indie scene on the global stage, and gets up close and personal with the people behind the games, to discover their processes, follow their stories and share their successes.

How can I get it?

GameLoading will be available in early 2015 on DVD, Blu-Ray, and HD digital download from iTunes, Steam and VHX. To be among the first to get a copy and score some bonus goodies, you can pledge towards our Kickstarter campaign.

How is it different from other projects about video games?

GameLoading takes a wider view of the indie games scene than other films, bringing together insights and stories from dozens of developers, artists, academics, journalists, and industry figures of all roles and levels.

We demystify what goes into making a game, examine the processes of different studios and individuals, meet the new voices expressing themselves through games and take a look where this art form has been and where it may be going.

I did not back your Kickstarter but I want to be part of the GameLoading community and access the Special Extra Content.

We will be having a second Kickstarter in September where you can back our project and join the community. All the Special Extra Content will also be available in a premium bundle when the film is released online.

Where will the film be shown?

GameLoading will be screened at film festivals and gaming conventions in 2015. Community screenings will also be available.

How do I request a screening? 

You will be able to request a screening in your town. We are partnering with a distributor and more information on how to do this will be available soon.


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