GameLoading Christmas Update

Hi everyone!

A quick update from us as the year comes to end. We’ve had a busy year at GameLoading filming in Japan, Canada, the US and Australia. Our final interview for the film was with League of Geeks director Trent Kusters at The Arcade, Melbourne. Our most exciting words spoken this year were: “That’s a wrap on GameLoading”.


As mentioned in our previous update we have finished editing the film. After wrestling with the edit for close to a year we finally shaped it into something we are really proud of. This was no easy task as we filmed a LOT of footage and so many characters we wanted to be on the final piece had to be cut out. We’re hoping to have an extended cut with about an hours extra footage available about six months after our initial release.


Over the past month our composer Tim Shiel has been busy finishing the music for GameLoading and we are delighted with the result. He has previously composed music for the game Duet and has toured with Goyte. Thanks Tim!


Our sound designer Brendan from Music and Effects has started doing the sound edit for the film. We had a spotting session with him at the Music and Effects theatre recently where we watched through the film and talked about what direction we want the sound design to go in. We’re really excited about having Music and Effects on board as sound makes such a huge impact on the feel of a film.


Our colour grader Marcus Herrick has also started his work to make our film beautiful. Marcus has graded many TV shows and films and colour graded our Sneak Peek so we’re in good hands.

We can’t wait to share the film in March next year!

Thanks again for all of the support.

Anna and Lester


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